Our Staff


When it comes to your spare time for recreation, you don’t want to waste a moment having an unpleasant experience.  That’s why we hire some of the best team members that the valley has to offer.  By adding staff members to our business who share in the philosophy of great customer service, we are able to ensure that you’ll always have a wonderful experience getting your ski and snowboard rentals.  Beyond their pleasant attitudes, our fantastic employees have strong knowledge in the skiing and snowboarding industry, so you can relax in the knowledge that they will provide only good, competent advice.  As the saying goes, the person that you first encounter at a business is often the face of that business, and they provide your overall impression of their culture.  That’s why we’ve gone to extremes when it comes to employee manners, presentation, and knowledge.  Hopefully, the way our staff treats customers is a reflection of how grateful we are for your business.  As always, please let us know if there were any problems with the service you received, and we hope that you have an amazing time on your next adventure.